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This is how to make smoked old fashioned, slow cook bbq ribs, not the char blackened mess that come off some peopleís grills. So it takes time (about 3-4 hours) but they are worth it.

I use an electric smoker with a Smoke Pistol tm but I have outlined two ways to cook with either a smoker or a barbeque grill.

Start with a couple of slabs of your favorite ribs. I like baby back pork ribs but beef ribs or gator ribs are very good. (Thatís alligator ribs for the Yankees).

The first thing is to remove the skin or membrane from the underside of the ribs. This is tough to do but it makes the ribs tougher to eat. To do this, lay the ribs on a table with the U curve up, like a water trough. Now start on the small side in one of the corners and dig toward the center with a fingernail. You should start to notice a semitransparent skin coming up. When you can get a grip on it, pull it up and it should start to peal off the ribs. Itís tough and you really have to pull. If you canít get it try another corner. It is easier to find it on the big end of the ribs but easier to pull from the little end. Anyway, you got to do it so do it.

Now season the ribs with a rub. I mix salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and garlic salt for mine. Just mix up the seasoning and taste it before putting it on the ribs. When you get the taste right, sprinkle it on the ribs and rub it in a little. You can also buy some barbeque seasoning (NOT barbeque sauce) in the spice section of your grocery to use a rub. Just sprinkle it on and rub it in.

Cooking requires a slow constant source of INDIRECT heat, moisture and a steady source of smoke for flavor and tenderness.

Now the road branches depending on what you have to cook with.